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Someday, everything’s gonna be smooth like a rhapsody

Friday, July 4th, 2008

I don’t remember when I started to “draw.” I think, when we were children, we all drew. If you asked a classmate in second grade to draw you a sheep, they wouldn’t say “I can’t draw,” or “I’m not good at it.” They would just draw. Everything was blank, like a clean sheet of paper.

I sometimes wonder when that began to change. Probably it was in fifth grade that I finally got some compliments on my drawing from my peers, who maybe half of had given up on drawing. Back then of course, I drew mostly copies… Especially copies of Lion King characters, from the movie which had come out that same year. Later on I drew copies of other characters from cartoons and comics until I finally began to develop something akin to my own style. Just to let you know, I still don’t have it down right.

Here we are at the beginning of Glass Urchin. Although it’s kind of a debut webcomic, I feel like there’s a lot more behind it than it looks. Up until now, I’ve been hacking away at different styles, stories, and comics, and none of them have worked their way to full fruition. So right now I’m approaching a huge step in my artistic life… It’s not my masterpiece yet, but hey… I’m working on it.

The Glass Urchin will be updated bi-weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is a proud part of Nerdcomics, which is led by one of my best friends, bree. Please do check out her introductory comic to The Glass Urchin here.