The Beginning
July 1st, 2008

The Beginning

Welcome to The Glass Urchin. My name is Auilix, and I’ll be your host for the moment. After many attempts to tame the rampant ideas and wild stories in my head through comics, I’ve finally decided to try my hand at one of my greatest adventures: my own life. I hope you’ll enjoy the comics to come, as much as I’ve enjoyed drawing them and coloring them in.

You reach me at a time when I’m not too sure about my future paths (who really is sure anyway?). Having just been laid off from a company, my first real job (and a great one at that), I’m not sure where my life will go. Likewise, I’ve no idea where this story will go. And with that, let’s step inside mysterious world of today.

Rolling into unknown territories


  1. Auilix

    There’s a sketch guy in front of you and a yoda in front of him. Why come I never see these things in the city!?

  2. amanda

    You must not be looking hard enough ^.^ I am a firm believer that you can see EVERYTHING in Austin!

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  4. steel hedgehong

    most of the homeless people are from the planet yoda came from

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  7. CC

    like for totes man that guy behind yoda is stodgy as and there is seriously a girl carrying a little person in a pot. but all in all this is kewlies and your lil person animal…. thing is so cute

  8. Filthy Pazuzu

    Bottom row, second from the left – that’s Ananth, the guy who does some of “Johnny Wander”, yeah?.

    Great job! I’m sure there’s others I can’t place yet.

  9. Auilix

    @ Filty – I don’t think Johnny Wander was even around then (maybe?)
    Also they’re not really supposed to be anyone in particular, it’s just random people and things :D

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