The Return of the Resume Monster
July 17th, 2008

The Return of the Resume Monster

A blantant rip-off innocent parody of Bree’s original strip on Sex, Drugs, and June Cleaver, Where Those Resumes Go. It’s sad but true, nowadays it’s hard enough to get a call back from a place, let alone complete and interview with them. And yours truly is going through the stages of unemployment: brief joy (lasts about 2 weeks), depression, boredom, and finally… productivity! You can thank the offices of Pokemon USA for letting me go… Otherwise I would’ve never had time to write and draw the fine print comic which you see before you.

Still, I’m going through the application process, tirelessly hacking at submitting resumes after resumes. Too bad I’m in marketing, which appears to be the least stable area to work in (Why am I in marketing? I’ve never studied it, but an internship after college seems to have lumped me into the field). Anyone know of any company that’s hiring for someone with a wide variety of apparently useless skills? I can translate, draw, use Photoshop, market, and I can even whistle!


  1. ykarious

    Nice stuff, I like the style, must take ages to draw. How do you find time for PixelJunk??

    And also, what is your update schedule like? Do you even have one?

  2. Auilix

    Thanks! Good thing I don’t have a job…

    The update schedule is Tuesdays and Thursdays… I have to add that somewhere that’s visible, but haven’t figured out how just yet… :P webpages are no longer my forte

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  5. CC

    YOU WORKED FOR POKEMON!!!!! gosh it’s gotten crappy now and ash’s voice changed T.T

    PS dude like sorry if this like a private thing between friends but this comic is kwl and im trying to search for different drawing styles to help create my own…. dont worry im not trying to steal ur style jst checking it out.

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