Damn Sonic
July 29th, 2008

Damn Sonic

So, Shivi pointed this out as we were on the train not too long ago – I didn’t even realize it myself that I accidentally made two main characters similar to two other slightly more famous main characters. I swear I didn’t do it on purpose!! Someone else pointed out that, haha, the sexes on my comic for the hedgehog and the fox were reversed. At which point he learned that Tails was a guy. How could you not know that? And who names a girl “Miles” anyway?

Anyway, the choice of a hedgehog and a fox really didn’t have anything to do with Sonic and Miles, and I also don’t really think they’re very reminiscent of each other. Did anyone else think that? Hopefully I don’t get all those weird yaoi/furry-obsessed boys/girls thinking that this is a comic about how Sonic should be gay for Tails. Seriously, that would make Sonic a pedophile, and surely he’s not. Plus, everyone knows Sonic has the hots for Knuckles.


  1. Song

    It’s great to see that you’re still drawing! I still have your Naruto parody cards in my box-o-memories.

  2. Pier666

    Actually, I never even thought of Sonic till this strip.

    I would go even further saying that I thought you (your hedgehog persona), said “…damnit!” because you weren’t happy with your sketch, NOT because you _just_ realized that you were drawing something similar to Sonic/Tails the whole time.

  3. ray

    u have to get the new scott pilgrim comic. one of the evil xbf’s get “killed” and turns into a bunch of little animals…remember that? when you destroy Robotnik’s robots a little bunny or something pops out?

  4. amanda

    I didn’t make that connection until just this very moment. Of couse, I never played any Sonic games either. (Don’t look at me like that!)

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