Happy Birthday Mel!

Happy Birthday Mel!

Happy Birthday to little sister Mel! Party hardy tonight and tomorrow!
I would’ve had a nice Mel-comic up today, which I started to draw, but when I asked her about it for approval, she said I shouldn’t do it. Something about it portraying her in a crazy stalker light or something like that. Perhaps you will see it, someday in the future. Anyway, for now you’ll just have to get this doodle then, it’s of our Mel-pog, being spikey. Hope you have a fun and exciting birthday, Mel! I know it’s been the most difficult and stressful of times, from the workload, your sprained knee, and our loss of little Ash. But I know, if there’s anyone who can hang in there, it’s you. Birthday happy yo!

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  1. Melanie

    Umm…Yeah…I think the best is that I’m pulling a Morpheus with those sunglasses there. Thanks for the bday wishes!

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