Thanks to The System!

Thanks to The System!

Alternately, God could be a 'Chicks before Dicks' kinda gal...Just want to give thanks to Rosscott, over at The System, for giving The Glass Urchin some nice props in his Quick Quomic Quorner section! Don’t worry Ross, I don’t pretend to like your comic, I really do like it! Please check out The System if you have time – He updates very frequently with witty and interesting comics about life. The System also has a nice and sleek minimalist look to it, and even though the characters have bathroom-sign-esque bodies with circles for heads, you can really feel the anger, happiness, or disappointment (like when Ross discovers he’s been spelling stationary wrong for the past 20 years… As we’ve seen before, I can relate…). Check out one of my faves, the big 100, here.

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  1. Rosscott

    No problem! Spread the comic love.

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