I Love Comics
January 13th, 2009

I Love Comics

This profound realization hit me straight and hard the other day. I know that most people reading this will have the same sentiment as myself: “I love comics.” But why? Why?

Why? Because comics are a unique and beautiful medium, comics marry art and writing, they have the best of the worlds of art, film, poetry, and writing. Comics can be exquisite, artistic, imaginative, funny, and beautiful and yet they can also quickly show real situations, political, ugly, nostalgic, truthful. Open a comic page and just look, ignore the words. You are already instantly transported into another world, so well thought out, the author or artist has gone on to describe without words in several panels. Look deeper. The text or lack thereof tells a story, wrought with emotion, information, mood. The worlds of comics like Owly or Bone are so well drawn that they don’t always need words to convey the story or progression the artist has in mind. And the worlds of comics by Brian Vaughn and Neil Gaiman are so deeply thought out, the text flows from page to page like a novel. What other medium can whisk you away to worlds unknown so quickly and effectively, and keep you there, holding you with story and character? Comic book world have varied so much from the whimsical and stylized worlds of the past, in the works of Will Eisner, Stan Lee, Osamu Tezuka and Jack Kirby. People now use the comic medium to tell stories in a fantasy setting, as in Bone and Gunnerkrigg Court; they tell of deep love, as in Blankets; they record life, as in Maus and Alan’s War; they are a forum for art and beauty, as in Flight; they make serious social and political commentary as in Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina; they are adventure, Tintin; they are hope. They’ve become so much more than people give them credit for.

I heard from a friend the other week that one of their coworkers was ashamed to admit that they had been reading a comic book. As most new forms of art and representation do, comics have been seen as something base and fleeting. But I’ll tell you now, comics are here to stay. And I’m not ashamed to admit that when I was a kid I loved superheroes and Sunday funnies, when I grew older I liked manga and romance, recently I’ve been into autobiographies and indie graphic novels, now I love them all.

So here’s an ode to comics: new, old, trendy, classic, fantastical, magical, harsh, real; those great authors and artist who have come before us and served as our inspiration; the talent that is pushing the field further and further every day; and those who will come, with their art and their words. We love comics.


  1. Rosscott

    Love it.

  2. JohnnyZito

    That last panel is adorable.

  3. Darren J. Gendron

    another beautifully done work.

  4. thirtyseven

    True, oh so true.
    Love reading them, love collecting them, love creating them.

    Great comic – even greater text!
    Best regards from Germany!

  5. Auilix

    Thanks! Same for me on all three accounts! Cheers to comics everyone!!

  6. RedCoatCat

    You hit the nail on the head!
    I use to adore comics, read everything and anything then went though a point I couldn’t stand them (my beef was with stories should start and END) but kept being drawn back to reading them for the fact they mesh art and story so well.
    Wonderful page! :)

  7. fjodor

    I like your comic AND your blog!

    keep it up!

  8. NAAN

    Hear hear! :D :D
    (And you mentioned Ex Machina! So many people don’t seem to mention it….I love that series)
    ((And I;ve been reading your comic for a while now — just never really commented on it because I’m lazy :P xD;; ))

  9. Melanie

    What exactly are you supposed to be doing in panel 2? Emergency garage sale!

  10. CyberSkull

    I love comics too!

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  13. CC

    the last panel reminods of an ad

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