Auilix’s Win a Date with Reginald Contest Entry!

Auilix’s Win a Date with Reginald Contest Entry!

Oh mai! Check out my entry to Nedroid’s “Win a Date with Reginald” contest!! I totally threw Mike out of a panel in the first strip. It’s kind of like defenestrating him, only with panels, not windows.

Click on the image below to see the big picture:

What do you think doods? This was my first time using brush pens and bristol board!! It was really a lot of fun. I was trying to break my habit of taking ten years to do each panel… From concept to finish, I would guess this took probably 3-4 hours. I enjoyed trying out the bristol board, and the ink brush was fun too (although it was a fake one – just a micron with a brush tip, not an acutal brush). In terms of topic, this was a lot more off the wall than what I usually do, cause this time, it’s all made up! Which is always fun to do, and take a short break from my real-life type comics.

I hope I win. I’m a big fan of Nedroid’s little robot dude!


  1. Aero Kitty

    Okay okay okay, what am I supposed to reply to, your LiveJournal, Twitter, or website?! OR ALL THREE? :P

    Anyway, I totally think you’ll win. *biased comment based upon only seeing your comic*
    Yep, definitely.

  2. Auilix

    Hahaha… I know i’m everywhere, sorry if it’s clogging up your social networking sites!! I’ve been trying to post more in more places, but I’ll hopefully keep lj more scraps/other art related. Just that this one related more to GU, but could only be submitted via LJ. :D

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