Fanart and Updates!

Fanart and Updates!

So it seems I haven’t really updated this bloggish type area in a long while! Over a month (just a little!). Many apologies. Things have been going on and it’s crazy times.

What’s new in my life? I’ve been fostering a cute stray calico; experimenting with new kinds of art involving ink brushes, bristol paper, and tones (so check out updates to my art gallery); and last weekend I got to hang with webcomicker Ross of The System and some old and new friends all night long. I’ve generally been quite busy and between the kitty and Frey’s running wheel breaking down and squeaking all night, I’ve also had a huge lack of sleep. So if my comics have been terse or sparse, now you know why!

In other news, I apoligize for not sharing these great fanart-type pieces with you sooner! From Shade comes a beautiful xmas gift illustration (love the bristly painted look and texture!), from friend and previous co-worker Ray comes a piece on the other end of the spectrum with hard lines and tones that’s cute and simple, and from webcomicker Jhorsley of Y2CL comes a neat fanart drawn on the back of a comic page!! Thanks all! They’re freakin’ awesome!


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