New England Webcomics Weekend, Here We Come!

New England Webcomics Weekend, Here We Come!

You read that correctly! The two gals of Nerd Comics (yours truly and the wonderful bree) are going to Meredith Gran’s New England Webcomics Weekend. It was just so crazy we had to go, and we got lucky and were able to find a car in the nick of time (many thanks to Mom and little sis :P )! So we’ll be there, but unfortunately only on Saturday. It’ll be good times I’m sure, meeting up with good friends and making some new ones! If you’d like to meet, please get my contact information by e-mailing me! It’s auilix (at)! (By the by, woohoo! That’s me on the right. I don’t think I’ve posted a picture of me here yet. Don’t I look just like I do in the comic!? It’s uncanny!)

And some great upcoming events that are closer to home are rearing their head, this on by Onezumi: NJ Webcomic Chaos! You can be sure us Nerd gals will be there as well!

Also, hello to all the new people who have been coming to my site. I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy yourselves here!


  1. Onezumi

    Oh hell yeah! :)

  2. Tina

    Hey there! I finally found the business card you handed out to me on Saturday. I’m the weirdo girl who had the hedgehog tote bag. Heh.

    Your comic is great so far! I’ll be bookmarking the site for the future!

  3. Auilix

    Hey Tina, thanks for coming! I envy your bag… :P
    I’m checking out your comic right now… It’s really awesome looking! Love the style, I can;t wait for more!

  4. RedCoatCat

    I didn’t find out about this con till AFTER I booked a con same weekend in Georgia. Go figure a webcomic con in MA and I drive 18+ hours to another con! :|
    I hope it was fun and they do another next year!

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