Fleen Shoutout

Fleen Shoutout

Gary from Fleen (the webcomic news authority, natch!) is so awesome. Yesterday he gave The Glass Urchin a nice shoutout, saying:

It’s always an uncertain thing when a strip changes its primary direction — say, when an autobio/journal type comic that centers on discrete, not-related events decides to tell a longer story. Even if I didn’t know creator Auilix slightly (and by “slightly” I mean “not remotely well enough to know where this story is heading”), I think that the teaser page for the just-started “Senior Year” arc would have grabbed me — there’s a lot of promise in those five panels, and they do a hell of a good job at setting the hook and making me want to see the story through. If you haven’t been reading The Glass Urchin, this might be a good time to start.

I hope those of you jumping into the comic now that I’ve started a continuing storyline will stick around, and as usual I thank my fan who’ve enjoyed the comic from the beginning for being patient with me while I try out new things. I’ve kind of always wanted to tell a more storyline-like version of my life, and here we begin. As usual, all the events that happen are true so it might be hard at times for me to get in all the information needed. As such, things might have to change around here and I’m trying to decide if i need to bump the schedule up temporarily to three times a week or not. Stick around and we’ll see what happens!


  1. SaraSocks

    Spiderman two!?
    Baha, that one was SOO much better than the third…Good choice.

    Is that the crazy kitten watching with you?

  2. Auilix

    Two was my fave of the three (and three was embarrassingly bad imo).

    No, the crazy kitty (from the nightmare kitty page) was a foster cat (who recently got adopted!). The cat here is my ashes, who passed away sadly last year (a comic tribute to her here). She was the best cat ever in the world! She was great company while playin video games or watching movies.

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