Quotes for The Glass Urchin Book!

Quotes for The Glass Urchin Book!

That’s right, I’m trying to put out a compilation book on all the pages, plus the entire New Brunswick Saga in completion, by this September. Can I do it? We shall have to see.

In the meantime, I’m looking for quotes. You know, the quotes you see on the back of the book or in the dust jacket of books. Like something related to how you feel about The Glass Urchin, things like “a spik├ęd tour de force” and other artsy things that you’re never really sure of what they mean, but they sound good and make you want to read more. Answer in the comments here if you have anything to input, and I might choose yours! I’ll probably select only a couple of quotes (planning on also putting a bit of a summary/introduction on the back), but any and all quotes are welcome! If you have a URL to your webcomic, put that as well. If you don’t have a webcomic or company, you could always make up something up! Negative comments, if you want to be a big meanie, are welcome too.

You might see your quote on the very first book of The Glass Urchin!!!


  1. Brian

    Glass Urchin’s filled with love, brilliance, and humor, in a way that reminds us what brings out the best in life; and yet it it doesn’t stop there. When Ami Bogin touches pen to paper, the ordinary becomes magic.

    - Brian St. Claire

    (I think that sounds a hell of a lot better than “spiked tour de force”)

  2. bree

    That was so gay, Brian :)

    I have to think of a way to top that… hmmmm

  3. DJ

    “Wonderfully poignant.” -DJ Trousdale

    Really anything involving the word “poignant” will work; that’s in virtually all artsy quotes.
    At one time I was confused because I thought it the word “pregnant” with an accent. XD

  4. Darky

    A splendidly surreal journey through the life of an artist, One will find themselves laughing at the wonderfully bright humour then reflecting on the truisms found in each elegant brushstroke. – Darky

    DJ, I wanted to say ‘wonderfully poignant’ too. Oh well! Here be my honest contribution. Even if these don’t make it onto a dust cover, at least they’ll let Ami know how much we enjoy her comic.

  5. Brian


    You’re just jealous ‘cuz I make pretty words!

  6. VC

    Hi! I found your comic just last week (you can thank ad banners for that), and I really think it’s something special. Not only is it funny, but it’s as adorable as all get-out. The cuteness is strong with this one.

    I was actually coming here to comment on the comic itself, but then I scrolled down and noticed this. So, I figure, why not?

    “The most adorable hedgehog in the world loves, laughs, and shakes her spiny little rump in this simultaneously realistic and fantastic first-person view of a unique artist’s life.” – VC

    Anyway, something tells me I’ll be reading this comic for a while.

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