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Book 1 – Milkshakes & Highways Now On Sale!

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Hey guys, I just noticed Bree’s put up my book the the NERD Comics shop and you can check it out and buy it HERE!

While you’re there, you should also check out some of the other great stuff, like Bree’s popular “Booze is my Muse” shirt!

Things I Could Always Use More Of…

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Aka the tools of the trade! I figured I’d post some of the main day-to-day items I use while drawing The Glass Urchin and other comic/art I do, in case you might be interested. I know some people seem to be really good at remember obscure art tools I use (MEL!), but mostly everybody doesn’t really know much about what I use. So yeah, you can use this as a gift/donation guide too if you like, since these are just some great things I could always do with more of. And without further ado, here’s my list of art tools I could always use more of!

Staedtler White Erasers – Also they say “Mars” on them. If you’re not an artist, you’re probably thinking “Why not just use the regular pink erasers? They erase just as well….” But these Staedtler erasers are just great. They’re smooth and easy to clean and they almost never make those weird smear marks that sometimes appear on your paper that you can never get rid of. They’re not as toothy as regular erasers are, and won’t pick up the paper, even if you’re working with cheap, crappy computer paper. And with the frequency that I lose my erasers, this one is always a welcome addition to my art supply. Apparently Japanese erasers work better, but I know you’re probably not near an unending supply of Sakura or Tombo Mono erasers, and Staedtlers are just everywhere.

Inking Pens – I run out of these far quicker than any other art supply. I’ve been working with a refill kit pen that’s a bit messy (but at least less of a waster of plastic and easier on the wallet in the long run), but I can always use more regular pens. I use only black for The Glass Urchin (the greyscale and coloring parts are done on the computer), so I mostly only use black pens. The brands I typically use are Microns just because they are common in the art store, but I’ve also used Milleniums, Staedtlers and Faber-Castells. In size it usually ranges from 005 to 08.

Bristol Board Paper – I couldn’t afford to use this paper for day to day pages for The Glass Urchin, but if I could I would! This thick paper holds inks very well and is durable for easy erasing. I prefer smooth (not textured) bristol paper types in pad or ream form.

Copic Markers – Again, I can’t really afford to go crazy with markers since they’re very expensive and if I wanted to do a real full color comic with markers alone, the price would kill me. But Copic markers are great quality items and I’ve been expanding my experimentation with various colors and markers on my side comics and art. Any colors from copic would be great, but I generally avoid the dark stuff (since markers dry on paper much darker than originally drawn with). Really I’ve only gotten into some of the very basics of markering, but I find it enjoyable. If I could expand on my set of greys and other good neutral tones and light colors, that’d be great!

Other Art Space – Other kinds of art paper are great – I like to experiment with different sizes and styles. I generally prefer any of the paper I use to be not toothy though, as I don’t use mediums that really benefit from it. I’d like to try those smooth marker pages and paint related pages too sometime. Wads of paper are fine by me, I also sometimes use the little totable kinds and I’ve always wanted a little (unruled) Moleskine…

Liquor – Uhm what? I can count this too right? Fave brands are Maker’s Mark and Sierra Nevada, kay thanks!