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Hedgehog Stuff

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Maybe it’s from the owning of a hedgehog, or maybe it’s because I draw a comic starring a hedgehog, or maybe I just like funny little spike-asses, but I have come across (and own) a lot of hedgehog-related items. I thought it would be interesting to share some of these pog finds, so I took pictures of some of the stuff here! IMG_3267

IMG_3265 First up is this “Haribou” character that Mike won me from our trip to Japan. This guy must have been sorta famous, we saw him (and some other more pink hedgehogs) in UFO catchers while we were there. I guess he must be a character in a show or something. The hangtag has a little comic of something, but I don’t care! Go Japan for getting a much closer-to-the-real-thing hedgehog! Sorta. For some reason, you can take his spikes off! But it’s an established fact that hedgehogs just don’t look this cute with their spikes off…


Next up we have this little DIY-charmer. Mel gave this to me – it was a little pom pom kit with the pom poms all already made and beady eyes as a finishing touch. Unfortunately, my glue wasn’t so great so he’s a little worn at the edges. But still, it was a fun little urchin-related kit!




IMG_3295Then we have these really cute fall-themed hedgehog napkins myIMG_3296 friend Cori found unexpectedly at her parents home (she sent some to me by mail). Really adorable! I kind of wonder why anyone would put hedgehogs on autumn (thanksgiving???) napkins, seeing as how most Americans don’t even know what a hedgehog is. Maybe they’re European napkins or something. One side has two hedgehogs snuggling and the other side is a mommy and a baby hedgehog!! So cute.

IMG_3273Lastly in the stuffed toys area, Harry gave me this cute hedgehog stuffed toy! This one is pretty accurate to your average hedgehog-shape. It also has a tiny baby hedgehog/alien that pops out of the mom’s tummy! But I jammed the zipper and so the baby is kind of currently stuck inside the mommy (and thus unavailable for a photograph). But it’s cute too! Trust me.




And I saved the best for last. This bottle of Italian red wine I found at Trader Joe’s (in Union Square) a couple of weeks ago. I’m not even sure what kind of red wine it is, the label just says “Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano” and “Incanto” at the bottom. It sounds like wine-related wizarding spells to me. And tastes sort of average… I’m really not good at judging wine other than to know if it tastes good or horrible (and it doesn’t taste horrible). But let’s zoom into that label!!!



OMG it’s HEDGEHOG WINE! This wins hands down as my favorite wine bottle ever (even above that cute bottle Tara showed me a couple months ago with a funny dog on it). Awesome! Thankfully, it does not taste of real hedgehog (which I would imagine would involve meal worms, cat food, and poop).

The Real Cast of The Glass Urchin

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Well probably a lot of you know me and my friends in real life, or have at least seen me at a con or two.  But if you haven’t – we’re all real people, though it might be hard to imagine, given my character design…  Have you ever wondered about those real people?  Since this is the closest thing I can think of as a “spoiler” in my comic, I’m hiding it behind the jump. 

Hit the jump to see the cast behind The Glass Urchin!