The Real Cast of The Glass Urchin

The Real Cast of The Glass Urchin

Well probably a lot of you know me and my friends in real life, or have at least seen me at a con or two.  But if you haven’t – we’re all real people, though it might be hard to imagine, given my character design…  Have you ever wondered about those real people?  Since this is the closest thing I can think of as a “spoiler” in my comic, I’m hiding it behind the jump. 

Hit the jump to see the cast behind The Glass Urchin!

Here are just some of the friendly faces seen in the comic.  Maybe I’ll  post some more if you’re curious, there’s plenty more people who have appeared!
we're like split personality brady bunches


  1. tiph

    Aw Ami you’re so cute! ^__^
    So cool to see the crew – thanks! :D

  2. Rosscott

    That is so awesome.

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  4. bree

    I’m surprised that Frey isnt actually a bug

  5. birdilicious

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who draws themselves and friends as cute animals. but yours are so much cuter!

  6. Tedflip

    I’ve see mike, but I’m glad to know the many faces of you and your friends as well now :].

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