You guys are assholes. I’m talking to you, hackers. Why you would want to hack a small group of (mostly) innocent comics, I have no idea. But you almost made me miss a goddamn update day, and for that you will… well I’m not sure. How * does * one get back at a hacker? In any case I will steadfastly stick to comicking as long as it annoys you Mr.Hacker.

Anyway, much apologies for the lateness. I took a vacation day today (it was fun but also stressful…), and I was away from my computer all day until now (clock says 11:56… phew!). I actually had this set to update at the usual 8 o’clock-ish time, but alas… the site was hacked and when it was restored, my Thursday comic upload had disappeared, as well as comments for the Hedge comic from yesterday (feel free to repost how awesome it was in the comments again!!!! ;P). Thanks for sticking with me folks!


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  2. Tedflip

    sorry to hear :[

  3. fluffy

    It probably wasn’t someone acting specifically against you or the other comics that got hacked – most likely it was a worm that was propagating via security holes in WordPress, which is an extremely frequent occurrence. Most WordPress hacking is for the purpose of commandeering servers so they can host illegal content in a hard-to-trace way, and for installing spammy linkfarms to boost Google search results.

    Stuff like this is why I stick with Movable Type (which is designed to be much more secure from the get-go), but unfortunately it’s a lot more difficult to get a site up and running with it, especially a webcomic.

  4. Quynh

    Bummer. I wondered what was going on when I was doing my weekly comic check-up. Glad you’re back though!

    Bree’s site still seems to be effed up. :(

  5. Auilix

    I think her site just normally looks like that.

    uhhh… *runs away!*

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