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Wild Pig Recap

Monday, May 17th, 2010

The first Wild Pig Con is in the bag! It was a little difficult to make sales there, given there was a HUGE 50% off sale (on all new graphic novels, books, etc. seriously) going on right in front of our tables, but it was still a great deal of fun!

Firstly I shared a table with Claire this time, and it was fun! I think we dorked out quite a bit. Out neighbor was the great Dern! who I haven’t seen since SPX, but who is always fun to table with/near. I also played my first actual battles with an actual person in my Soul Silver with him. Yay! I tried continuing down the row to meet and socialize with some others, who mainly seemed to be webcomickers. I met Joe and Phil who are (I didn’t know this) both sorta local guys! They were selling their wares but also were participating in the Wild Pig Super Art Fight! More on that later… Moving along, I met Brian of Bellen!, who I talked to about quitting your job, taking classes, and living in Jersey City. He currently lives in Philly but lived in Jersey City for five years! Nice! The next table over had our friends Kevin and Blondie, who do Caf-fiends! They’re talking me into showing up at Connecticon, it’s supposed to be THE webcomics show, so at the very least us NERDs might be able to visit for a day! Then a table over held Caldwell of Loldwell, who had to brave the NJ Transit bus system to get to Wild Pig! Then Jamie Hatton, the dude who introduced us all to this, of In His Likeness was tabling next. He has two neat compilation books out now! After Jamie, the Systemic Rosscott had some hip shirts and other merch for sale. Rounding the corner was the Super Art Fight table with our friends Nick and Marty. And I didn’t make it to the other tables after that (and thank goodness, because this was enough recap for one post!).

Some other cool people who stopped by our table includes: Bernie from Alien Loves Predator, Valerie from Friends of Lulu, and Gary of Fleen! It was great to see and/or meet you! ;P

The Super Art Fight was the first one I’ve been to, but has been going on for a while now. I loved it! It was very excitingin and I’m surprised at what quality work these artists can do from a standing position, with a crowd staring/yelling, with two sharpies and poster board in 30 minutes. It was great stuff and I hope to be at the next Super Art Fight event to cheer everyone on!

Many thanks to the gracious hosts of Wild Pig Con who were a lot more accommodating and organized than most other cons I’ve been to. You guys are awesome!