NERD at King Con!

NERD at King Con!

Bree and I had an awesome weekend at Brooklyn Lyceum’s KingCon, thanks to all who stopped by! I think Bree summed up the craziness that was this past weekend with this (very real) comic about how it made us accidentally run in the NY Marathon. Anyway it was great meeting all of you, and sorry if I seemed out of it – it’s just the usual con wear and tear. Rifling through the stuff I picked up, I met Megan Brennan, who I traded for a cute mini “Melvin Lampius Saves the Day!” (I love the art and colouring style!), Kevin Shelley, who had a beautifully presented book called Mmm-Hmm, Mike Isenberg, who I had met at NYCC but then met again at KingCon and who gave me a sample of his book, Tim Piotrowski who had beautiful new editions of his great book about the Kool Aid Man, Sara and Steve, who I should have realized earlier were from my neck of the woods (sorry!), and Jamie Tanner, whose work is just beautiful (I need to buy me some prints next time). Phew! We also hung out with some of our good friends who do Tapir Tooth: Andrea, Miriam, Peter, and Blu-jay, as well as our usual crowd of comic and art friends. Gah! Sorry if I forgot anyone!

We were also interviewed by Jimmy Aquino at Comic News Insider, and the full interview, plus interviews with other talented artists at the con can be heard here!!! He interviewed Bree and I as well as some other talented folks who tabled at KingCon. He also picked up a copy of my first book and gave it a really nice review nearing the end of the podcast. Please give it a listen!

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  1. Sara L.

    Thanks for letting the reporter-guy know about Steve and I – He emailed us, and we’re apparently going to be in the JC comics article!! Good to see you guys again, too!

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