Quality May Suffer
September 29th, 2011

Quality May Suffer

Hey dudes, a warning about the school year at hand – I may have to skimp out on comic quality every now and then in the future due to more pressing matters. I will endeavor, as always, to bring you the very best in autobio comic integrity. Thank you for flying Glass Urchin Airways!


  1. Amy

    not to worry – i’ve attempted a UK masters, and it is pretty darned intense. best of luck to you!

  2. Myddrin

    Bah I don’t believe that… I mean, they told me that too. It turned out to be true for the 2nd semester, the first semester should be alright… but hey, you’re not even in the same school as I was =p

  3. will

    some one is telling that there is going to be no fun for a long time, clearly he needs to be shot with many nerf guns

  4. Pingu

    As you’re now on your postgraduate course, if you don’t read this webcomic already, I think you’ll appreciate it…. :)


  5. kusandha

    Good luck!

  6. Jules

    Quite surprised to see myself represented in a strip… to be fair, that’s why submissions are on Friday nights, so you can at least sleep in on a Saturday….

  7. Auilix

    Actually now that I look back I think I was trying to draw Kevin (maybe?), as I did this one on the first week of orientation, before I actually learned who was really who. :P
    I find I work on the weekends anyway though, but it’s a fair schedule!

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