Gamer Tribulations
January 24th, 2013

Gamer Tribulations

I should point out that Mel and I probably played on the same pace in this 2-player co-op game, even though she is not a gamer, but the difference I think in gamers and non-gamers are probably in their patience with games. I’ve seen it before with other people, and there’s a definite not-gonna-give-up almost autistic determination in gamers that gives a lot more patience to them when dealing with technology. And maybe life as well? I’m not sure. Wonder if it’s ever been tested.

It must come from all those late nights with those ridiculous 3-lives-per-game cartridges of yore.

Also these aren’t all trophies for Resident Evil 6, some of them are titles earned for their medal system. Yes, another thing to obsessively collect, aside from the trophies, files, action figures, and emblems.


  1. Greg

    omg, you have tried RE 6 , hOWWW IS IT????
    Is Mel replacing me in a worthy manner?:D

  2. Auilix

    Hey I am an RE whore… I’ll play through RE5 or 6 with anyone who will have me. ;P

    Mel is great! RE6 is good – it takes some getting used to… The characters are large and take up a larger portion of the screen and at first it’s hard to get used to. Also the pacing of some of the chapters is insane! But I like it and the four separate storylines that intertwine is a cool addition!
    I think if you enjoyed RE5 you’ll enjoy this, as long as you don’t get too caught up thinking about the stupid plot :P

  3. Pingu

    FEAR 3. A game *made* for Co-Op. Mel would likely make a good Paxton Fettel.

  4. yossari

    yay your back! I was missing the urchins progress…chris

  5. william

    um i would like some update please and pictures of your friends in scotland :) what games do you play for pc

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