A Good Hiding Spot
February 21st, 2013

A Good Hiding Spot

Actually, Colin is so tall and skinny, it’s not hard to see how a drunk Bree can mistake her own boyfriend for a pole. Drunken times with Bree and Colin usually result in muddled hungover mornings wondering exactly what the details were of the night before.


  1. AG

    Why do you look so distraught in the first panel? Or is that to be revealed in a later comic?

  2. Pingu

    Nice hat, bree! Make it yourself?

  3. Auilix

    @AG – it’s happy fun hangover times for us!

    @Pingu – no, it was a gift from Colin. She’s always wearing it in the cold months, as seen in many of her own comic pages (like here

  4. Pingu

    @Auilix. Come to think of it (and checking back in the archives), you’ve not depicted yourself in a hat, like, evah. Are hats not cool for cats? (Or hedgepigs, in this case).

  5. shivi

    hahaha. I <3 Bree.

  6. Brian

    No lie, Bree is a smooth operator.

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