Running Pains
May 7th, 2013

Running Pains

Despite my aforementioned general clumsiness and penchant for falling down all over the place, I actually do exercise pretty often. Mostly it’s indoors things with weights and cardio or Pilates. But about a month ago, I started running twice or three times a week, building up each day on my times and speed and then, one night, my knees just start aching a lot. And since I have no insurance, I had to self-diagnose with the help of the super trusty Yahoo! Answers (-_-) and I think it’s Runner’s Knee. Bah! It’s painful enough to keep me up at nights when it does happen, but mysteriously it feels fine when I run. But still, continued lack of healthcare means I should probably just keep away from the running for now. *sigh*

Back to boring, memorized exercise DVDs.


  1. Brian

    Aww. Get better soon, Ami!

  2. chet

    feel better soon ami

  3. chet

    though looks like your kitties are trying to look after you good kitties

  4. tiph

    Oh my god! This just happened to me… I started running two or three weeks ago and oh my god my knees… I stand for 97% of my job and it was becoming hell. I was like “Okay, no health insurance, knees hurting probably doesn’t mean a vital organ is failing, so maybe I’m okay…” and then one day it just went away so that’s cool. Of course that was after two weeks of not running…

  5. Auilix

    Yeah as I also don’t have health insurance at the moment, I decided to temporarily give up running until I get insurance so I can really figure it out. I want to run really badly, but it was so painful as to keep me up at night when it was happening, so I thought it better I not just grind my kneecaps away.
    Good luck with yours as well!

  6. AG

    could you ride a bike instead? that’s supposed to be easier on your joints.

  7. myddrin

    You need running shoes (the one with fat sole) that reduces vibrations on your joints if you run a lot… and watch out for your tendons as well =p

  8. Auilix

    @AG – Yeah it’s been suggested. It’s just not as easy to buy a bike and then go to a specific spot where i’d feel comfortable biking around in as it is to just put on sneakers and jog in whatever park I happen across. I ought to try it though, supposedly it’s a very healthy way to exercise.

  9. AG

    ah, yeah. it does make it a bit more difficult if you don’t already have a bike. i don’t have one myself, but i’ve been thinking about getting one for a while. (not to mention the last two times i tried to ride a bike i was afraid i was going to get myself killed.)

  10. Jono

    When I read the first part, I thought it was going to end up in an epic ‘Ami Fall’. One of colleagues damaged her knee 4 years ago. She’s on the waiting list for an operation where they take a tendon or something from her hamstring. Ummmm yeah… good luck with that.

  11. Pingu

    Come back to Scoatland! The cost of the air fare will be less than the cost of health insurance, and you could get yourself on as an emergency patient! (j/k)

  12. william

    hoping to see an update soon :(

  13. chet

    hoping u feel better soon

  14. william

    um still hoping for a update it will be july soon

  15. chet

    are you alive? i hope so a lil worried about you

  16. AG

    @William, she has a life outside of this comic and doesn’t owe you any updates. if they’re really that important to you, you could offer to pay her a commission and hope she takes you up on it.

  17. chet

    @AG thank you i wanted a nice way to say some thing like that there he is begging for and update and am like just hope she is ok the 1 we are commenting on she said she got hurt and well i am worried about her @Auilix if your watching the comment feed hugs and best wishes that you get better soon

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