Shakespeare – 4
August 8th, 2013

Shakespeare – 4

Welp, this is the end of my little Shakespeare stint. Again, it’s available from NERD Comics at Intervention!


  1. chet

    cool series lots of interesting information I remember I saw as you like it in a park back in good old rhode island never saw the end though thanks to bus cut off times so was ether see the end or get home

  2. william

    hmmm today is the 13 isnt it says the 9th ? o well how are you doing ?

  3. william

    IT IS TIME TIME FOR AN UPDATE and lets have be about kittens or draw yourself as a person you look awesome :) do stuff

  4. AG

    stfu already, dude.

  5. william

    hi update time :) good to see you

  6. william

    hi again hey it sya its the end of shakespeare awesume what next ?

  7. chet

    hmmmmm lets look at this logicly comics were fairly regular before she hurt her self running and she said she had no insurance so while your complaining about lack of updates she could be fighting to keep moving with her knees bothering her so perhaps we should see if she needs our help? rather then just greedly stalking her comics

  8. william

    i just wish for an update am not asking for blood, here

  9. chet

    I for one offer aid if needed

  10. Multi-Facets

    Ms. Ami, what’s your personal take on what the tombstone’s curse could mean?

  11. Ryan

    Fantastic comic! I somehow missed your comment on my strip from like 4 years ago and saw it today for the first time. Glad I found the strip!

  12. william

    god all the webcomics i love die
    o i can see my comment from last year

  13. kyra

    I really like your webcomic and I hope you’re okay :) I don’t normally comment on the webcomics I follow but I check in on this one to see if there’s any update or news and I thought I’d say something.

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