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August 8|Shakespeare – 4
August 6|Shakespeare – 3
August 1|Shakespeare – 2
July 30|Shakespeare – 1
May 7|Running Pains
May 2|Cereal Stock
April 29|Over the Ocean
April 2|Loomis Story
March 7|Miles to go…
February 21|A Good Hiding Spot
February 14|Bed Mate
February 5|Big Game Food
January 24|Gamer Tribulations
January 22|Allergic American
January 10|Where Home Is
January 8|Two Places
January 3|That’s What It’s About
January 2|What It’s About


December 27|From One to Another
December 25|And So…
November 14|Rainy Day Friends
November 6|Sandy Compassion
November 1|Interruption from Sandy
October 17|Odyssey 08
October 9|Odyssey 07
October 4|Odyssey 06
October 2|Odyssey 05
September 27|Odyssey 04
September 25|Odyssey 03
September 20|Odyssey 02
September 18|Odyssey 01
September 4|The Path 3 – Hiatus Note!
August 30|The Path 2
August 28|The Path 1
August 23|Dissertation 4
August 21|Dissertation 3
August 17|Dissertation 2
August 14|Dissertation 1
August 9|Questions 10 – Fave TV Show
August 7|Questions 9 – Brit Cons
August 2|Questions 8 – Comments
July 31|Questions 7 – Why I webcomic
July 26|Questions 6 – YouTube Habits
July 24|Questions 5 – …
July 19|Questions 4 – Fave Game
July 17|Questions 3 – Bourbon & Historical Cage Match
July 12|Questions 2 – Tough Animals
July 10|Questions 1 – Would You Rather…?
July 5|Four Years of GU!
July 3|Goodbye Frey
June 28|Family Void
June 26|Silent Judgement
June 21|Little Sister Card
June 19|One Season Two
June 14|High School Haves
June 12|Winter is Coming
June 7|Krakow
June 5|Jubilee Jubilation
May 31|One Season
May 29|They Live in a Hole
May 24|Finding a Name
May 22|Tourist Season
May 17|Catching Up on Life
May 15|Parental Fighting
May 10|Uni Hobos
May 8|Group Project 13
May 3|Group Project 12
May 1|Group Project 11
April 26|Group Project 10
April 24|Group Project 9
April 19|Group Project 8
April 17|Group Project 7
April 12|Group Project 6
April 10|Group Project 5
April 5|Group Project 4
April 3|Snap Out
March 29|Groggy
March 27|Under
March 22|On Edge
March 20|Dark Place
March 15|Group Project 3
March 13|Group Project 2
March 8|Group Project 1
March 6|English Escapes Me
March 1|Streets of Scotland
February 28|At Alison House 5
February 23|At Alison House 4
February 21|At Alison House 3
February 16|At Alison House 2
February 14|At Alison House 1
February 9|Veg Bones
February 7|Vegetarian at the Butcher
February 2|Cat Therapy
January 31|Semester 2
January 26|Flat 2
January 24|Flat 1
January 19|This Again
January 17|No Joisey
January 12|Turn it Down
January 10|Tolerating the Weather
January 5|Alba Again
January 3|No Regrets New Year!


December 29|Home Again
December 27|Appropriate Socks
December 22|Making Gifts
December 20|Warmth
December 15|No Bru
December 13|In-fall Entertainment
December 8|I’m Going Home
December 6|Occupy My Bed
December 1|More Weather
November 29|Mediocre Glue
November 24|Giving Thanks
November 22|Land of Dwarves
November 17|Decency Police
November 15|UK Grade
November 10|Social Moth
November 8|More Braindead
November 3|Kitty Agendas
November 1|Brain Dead
October 27|School Life
October 25|Tea Party
October 20|Hobo Heating
October 18|Winds of Fortune
October 13|Always Misunderstood
October 11|The Other Me
October 6|You Don’t Say (Food)
October 4|Velociraptor Cats
September 29|Quality May Suffer
September 27|Healthcare Catch
September 22|GAH! Again
September 20|Wound Up Walk
September 15|Tolerance Levels
September 13|Don’t Tease the Cooking Fat
September 8|When the Flatmates Are Out
September 6|Autumn Air
September 1|Wee Confusion
August 30|Edinburgh Weather
August 25|Ewan McGregor 4
August 23|Ewan McGregor 3
August 18|Ewan McGregor 2
August 16|Ewan McGregor 1
August 11|Brit Shoe Fashion
August 9|Things Scottish People Actually Say 1
August 4|International Office 2
August 2|International Office 1
July 28|Drinking Culture 2
July 26|Drinking Culture 1
July 21|Scotland
July 19|Tournament 13
July 14|Tournament 12
July 12|Tournament 11
July 7|Tournament 10
July 5|Tournament 09
June 30|Tournament 08
June 28|Tournament 07
June 23|Tournament 06
June 21|Tournament 05
June 16|Tournament 04
June 14|Tournament 03
June 9|Tournament 02
June 7|Tournament 01
June 2|Scotch Up 8
May 31|Scotch Up 7
May 26|Kitchen Revenge
May 24|Kitchen Destruction
May 19|Scotch Up 6
May 17|Scotch Up 5
May 12|Scotch Up 4
May 10|Scotch Up 3
May 5|Scotch Up 2
May 3|Scotch Up 1
April 28|Three Hundred
April 26|Union Square Station
April 21|Condead
April 19|Ears All Over
April 14|Fade Away
April 12|Yes PLZ!
April 7|Not Wet
April 5|The Game 3
March 31|The Game 2
March 29|The Game 1
March 24|Re-shed
March 22|Covered in Beads
March 17|Cereal Shoe Box
March 15|Mrs.Fanning
March 10|Speech Prettymaking
March 8|Friend Classes
March 3|My Drive
March 1|Happy Pills
February 24|Fur Sneak Attack
February 22|Bathroom Stalls
February 17|New Boots
February 15|Waking Up
February 10|When We Need Them
February 8|Happy?
February 3|Sad Pages
February 1|Get Numbers
January 27|Harrowing
January 25|TMNT Sign
January 20|Brain Mush
January 18|Music Food
January 13|When I Draw
January 11|Zoe Strips Me
January 6|Never Stop
January 4|Go Do


December 30|Countdown
December 28|My Pen
December 23|Wrapping Up
December 21|It Gets Better
December 16|Deep Down
December 14|Kitten Walk
December 9|Long, Cold, Lonely
December 7|Indecision
December 2|Use Caution
November 30|Fall Driving
November 25|A Simple Thanks
November 23|Unwanted Circus
November 18|I Try Not To GAAAH
November 16|The Pool Seems Scummy
November 11|The Cold Air
November 9|Meow!
November 4|Out Up and Down
November 2|Post-Halloween Depression
October 28|Pre-Trick-or-Treat
October 26|But Do I Want To?
October 21|I Forgot!
October 19|Leave This World
October 14|Dad’s Doodles 2
October 12|I Wander
October 7|Getting Waylaid
October 5|Useful Shrug
September 30|Poor Colin
September 28|Not What I Want
September 23|Ahem
September 21|Mr.Rogers Loves You Too
September 16|Sweet Saccharine
September 14|Why I Am Here
September 9|Be Better
September 7|Happy Birthday Me
September 2|Nose Press
August 31|Picky Me
August 26|Exercise Tapes
August 24|Checkmate!
August 19|Let’s Flirt 4
August 17|Let’s Flirt 3
August 12|Let’s Flirt 2
August 10|Let’s Flirt 1
August 5|Mom’s First “That’s What She Said”
August 3|The Real Jersey Shore
July 29|Make This Comic
July 27|Love Again
July 22|Limits
July 20|Pre-con Panic Sets In
July 15|I Become Me
July 13|To Recollect
July 12|A Pause
July 9|Two Year Anniversary Guest Week 5
July 8|Two Year Anniversary Guest Week 4
July 7|Two Year Anniversary Guest Week 3
July 6|Two Year Anniversary Guest Week 2
July 5|Two Year Anniversary Guest Week 1
July 1|Never Easy, I Know 6
June 29|Never Easy, I Know 5
June 24|Never Easy, I Know 4
June 22|Never Easy, I Know 3
June 17|Never Easy, I Know 2
June 15|Never Easy, I Know 1
June 10|Uneven Ground
June 8|Moving with Ami 4
June 3|Quitting Hour 4
June 1|Quitting Hour 3
May 27|Quitting Hour 2
May 25|Quitting Hour 1
May 20|Miss Miss!
May 18|Land Before Soap
May 13|What’re You Drinking?
May 11|The 200th Comic!
May 6|Distraction
May 4|Professor Layton & The Mysteriously Minuscule Room
April 29|Platform 9 3/4
April 27|The Worst Thing To Say On A Crowded Train
April 22|Who Owns This Land
April 20|Seasonal Depression Springtime
April 15|Hot Pick
April 13|Hedge…
April 8|Lil’ Guy
April 6|Benefits Me
April 1|WWH 2
March 30|WWH 1
March 25|Shivi Cheer
March 23|The Taste of Broccoli
March 18|PokeDork 2
March 16|PokeDork 1
March 11|The Situation
March 9|Move In Together
March 4|The Wedding Years
March 2|Boyfriends Can’t Win…
February 25|Creamer 2
February 23|Creamer 1
February 18|Mustache Story
February 16|Food Snore
February 11|Thankful Valentine’s Day
February 9|Radical Dudes
February 4|From Heaven
February 2|Catch Pressure
January 28|Stubborn People
January 26|Grey Dreams
January 21|Make
January 19|Break
January 14|Instructional Comic: Riding the PATH
January 12|There Was Kitties
January 7|Depression 2
January 5|Depression 1


December 31|Not as Bad as Mike
December 29|Happy Holidaaaargh!
December 24|Green Wrap
December 22|Believe
December 17|Night Questions
December 15|Sanu-saurus
December 10|The No Drawer
December 8|Instructional Comic: Walking in the City
December 3|Moving with Ami 3
December 1|Moving With Ami 2
November 26|Halo for Hunger
November 24|The 2P Affair
November 19|Don’t Pass Me By
November 17|Never Forget
November 12|Self Image
November 10|Double Denim
November 5|Stuck 2
November 3|Stuck 1
October 29|My Dream
October 27|Healthier Eating
October 22|Health Issues
October 20|Eating With Ami
October 15|Spaaaaah
October 13|Crappy Clothes Day
October 8|New Brunswick Saga 39 – End
October 7|New Brunswick Saga 38 – Graduation
October 6|New Brunswick Saga 37 – Bittersweet
October 1|New Brunswick Saga 36 – Jumbley
September 29|New Brunswick Saga 35 – Further Travels
September 24|New Brunswick Saga 34 – Lost Together
September 22|New Brunswick Saga 33 – Here Comes the Sun
September 17|New Brunswick Saga 32 – JETting Out
September 15|New Brunswick Saga 31 – Gay Bar
September 10|New Brunswick Saga 30 – Study Aids
September 8|New Brunswick Saga 29 – Say…
September 3|New Brunswick Saga 28 – JETting On
September 1|New Brunswick Saga 27 – Sake Powerup
August 27|New Brunswick Saga 26 – Drive
August 25|New Brunswick Saga 25 – Bang On Wall Game
August 24|New Brunswick Saga 24 – *Cough Cough*
August 20|New Brunswick Saga 23 – Beach
August 18|New Brunswick Saga 22 – Leagues
August 13|New Brunswick Saga 21 – The Questions
August 11|New Brunswick Saga 20 – Winter Break
August 6|New Brunswick Saga 19 – Balls!
August 4|New Brunswick Saga 18 – Holiday Party
August 3|New Brunswick Saga 17 – The Kiss
July 30|New Brunswick Saga 16 – Amazon
July 28|New Brunswick Saga 15 – Just One More…
July 23|New Brunswick Saga 14 – In the Night
July 21|New Brunswick Saga 13 – Video Games For Good
July 20|New Brunswick Saga 12 – Common Interests
July 16|New Brunswick Saga 11 – Omar’s Policy
July 14|New Brunswick Saga 10 – Gutter Bowl
July 9|New Brunswick Saga 9 – Number Get
July 7|New Brunswick Saga 8 – Odd Compliments
July 2|New Brunswick Saga 7 – Admiration
June 30|New Brunswick Saga 6 – Ba-dump
June 29|New Brunswick Saga 5 – Near Miss
June 25|New Brunswick Saga 4 – Games
June 23|New Brunswick Saga 3 – A Love Story
June 18|New Brunswick Saga 2 – The Weirdo
June 16|New Brunswick Saga 1 – Beginning Again
June 11|The 100th Comic!
June 9|The Nine to Five Job
June 4|Worst Strip Club Ever
June 2|Don’t Get It
May 28|Talent Needed
May 26|Social Acceptance
May 21|The Graduate
May 19|Dream Homes by Bree
May 14|Trip to 30 Rockefeller
May 12|Sleep Envy
May 7|Love You Mom
May 5|Cereal Alchemy
April 30|Spiky
April 28|My Current Celeb F-list
April 23|Victoria’s Secret
April 21|Wooly Eyes
April 16|Water Disciplining
April 14|Benadryl & Efron
April 9|Nightmare Kitty
April 7|Getting Older and Lookin’ Classy
April 2|Motherly Concern
March 31|Mike Advice
March 26|The Toy Industry
March 24|(Ami)sunderstanding 2
March 19|Instructional Comic: How to Unstrap a Bra
March 17|Video Game Vacation
March 12|Toy Destruction
March 10|Constraints
March 5|Unlimited Texts
March 3|The Scritching
February 26|Bwahaha Box
February 24|Attack of Babies #2
February 19|One of Mike’s Hobbies
February 17|Head Asplode
February 12|My V-Day 2009
February 10|It’s Just Pork
February 5|Working at a Toy Company
February 3|Hourly Comics 2009
January 29|Blanka’s Voicemail
January 27|More Stereotyping
January 22|Milkshakes
January 20|Dad’s Army Pranks
January 15|Blah blah blah…
January 13|I Love Comics
January 8|No Pandering
January 6|Marriage Fears
January 1|A few New Year Resolutions


December 30|Dad’s Egg Doodles
December 25|The Twelve Days of Christmas from The GU
December 23|Mom’s Christmas Story
December 22|A 5-minute Holiday Comic
December 18|Moving with Ami
December 16|The Trap of Clasps
December 11|Bree’s Wisdom Teeth Solution
December 9|Dream Kitty
December 4|Gift Conundrums
December 2|Salad Wars
November 27|Awkward Family Gatherings
November 25|Boobs
November 20|An Odd Move
November 18|A Pee-Off
November 13|Not A Spoiler
November 11|A Joke
November 6|Yes, We Can
November 4|Sleep Moosh
October 30|Happy Halloween!
October 28|An Angel and…
October 23|White Space
October 21|Rest In Peace, Ashes
October 16|An Odd Pickup Line
October 14|Bree’s Room
October 9|Job #2
October 7|Job #1
October 2|Mike’s Attempt
September 30|A Pet Peeve
September 25|Freya’s Views
September 24|Super Barracuda! #2
September 23|NJ Beaches
September 18|A Surprise Encounter
September 17|Super Barracuda #1
September 16|(Ami)sunderstanding
September 11|How to Enable God Mode in Real Life
September 9|Facebook Friends
September 4|An Odd Stereotype
September 2|The Middle Cup
August 28|Train Cubing
August 26|Building Forts
August 21|Mystery Clock
August 19|Staring Again
August 14|A Memory
August 12|High ZKR
August 7|Freak Pictionary
August 5|Staring
July 31|BRNZ Door to Door
July 29|Damn Sonic
July 24|Only for Boys
July 22|Gimme Cash
July 17|The Return of the Resume Monster
July 15|Punch Out Mad Skills
July 10|Attack of the Babies
July 8|Love is River City Ransom
July 3|High Times
July 2|Hedgehog to City
July 1|The Beginning