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The GU Fanart Section is Go!

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Well, a month ago, I didn’t have any fanart to my name for The Glass Urchin, and now I have three pieces! Hopefully will be getting more too.

Shown here on the left is an amazingly detailed piece by RedCoatCat through a Secret Santa fanart exchange on the Tomgeeks Forum. She claims she’s never drawn a hedgehog before, but she sure did get down their awkward bodies and tiny paws very well. Thanks so much Red! RedCoatCat also does an amazing retelling of the American War of Independence on Loyalty & Liberty. All the characters are historically accurate and are depicted beautifully in feline form, please check it out.

And if YOU have any fanart for me, no matter how big or small, I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a line here: auilix (at)

Guest Comic for Onezumi!

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

gasp!What’s Onezumi gasping about here? Find out in my guest comic to Onezumi!! This was based off a Twitter conversation from a while ago about the continued mis-pronunciation of her name (even though it’s written right on her shirt!).

Onezumi is a fun comic that used to be crazy and random, and is now crazy and random with a continuing plot and storyline. Where will the adventures of Onezumi, Harknell, and Ass Munkey take us in the depths of the Deathside?

Onezumi as a person is also crazy and random and a lot of fun. She’s a pillar in the webcomic community and is continuously supporting other webcomics, no matter how small, and encouraging people of all different art, style, and themes to join in. She’s been a real inspiration to me to make The Glass Urchin, and through her I met some other great webcomickers who are talented and supportive (The AFHS guys, Dern, and Jamie Baldwin to name a few). Her hubbie and webmaster Harknell makes, a neat resource of tutorials and extra plug-ins for the webcomic and art community to use. Please check Onezumi and Harknell out!

Auilix’s Win a Date with Reginald Contest Entry!

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Oh mai! Check out my entry to Nedroid’s “Win a Date with Reginald” contest!! I totally threw Mike out of a panel in the first strip. It’s kind of like defenestrating him, only with panels, not windows.

Click on the image below to see the big picture:

What do you think doods? This was my first time using brush pens and bristol board!! It was really a lot of fun. I was trying to break my habit of taking ten years to do each panel… From concept to finish, I would guess this took probably 3-4 hours. I enjoyed trying out the bristol board, and the ink brush was fun too (although it was a fake one – just a micron with a brush tip, not an acutal brush). In terms of topic, this was a lot more off the wall than what I usually do, cause this time, it’s all made up! Which is always fun to do, and take a short break from my real-life type comics.

I hope I win. I’m a big fan of Nedroid’s little robot dude!

Fanart and Updates!

Friday, March 13th, 2009

So it seems I haven’t really updated this bloggish type area in a long while! Over a month (just a little!). Many apologies. Things have been going on and it’s crazy times.

What’s new in my life? I’ve been fostering a cute stray calico; experimenting with new kinds of art involving ink brushes, bristol paper, and tones (so check out updates to my art gallery); and last weekend I got to hang with webcomicker Ross of The System and some old and new friends all night long. I’ve generally been quite busy and between the kitty and Frey’s running wheel breaking down and squeaking all night, I’ve also had a huge lack of sleep. So if my comics have been terse or sparse, now you know why!

In other news, I apoligize for not sharing these great fanart-type pieces with you sooner! From Shade comes a beautiful xmas gift illustration (love the bristly painted look and texture!), from friend and previous co-worker Ray comes a piece on the other end of the spectrum with hard lines and tones that’s cute and simple, and from webcomicker Jhorsley of Y2CL comes a neat fanart drawn on the back of a comic page!! Thanks all! They’re freakin’ awesome!


Meet Plush Ami!

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

I wish this was a post introducing a line of cuddly real-life stuffed hedgehog toys, but alas you’ll have to do with the next best thing – Ami starring as a very cute plushy iteration in the webcomic Plus One!!! She (I?) makes her stitched debut here, as the titular character’s new toy! Plus One is an endearing webcomic about an interesting and new life journey. And hey, just like it was recently Anna’s birthday, it was also the birthday of The Glass Urchin a couple of days ago, so this comes as a nice GU birthday treat! Thanks Dustin!