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Update Schedule and A Word From Our Sponsors

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

So, I’ve decided to slightly delay the Thursday update. Since the beginning, I have been updating in the early am of Tuesday and then the early am of Thursday. However, I realize that only gives the Tuesday comic two business days of being up (cause really, we know everyone looks at comics most at work!), the Thursday comic being up for the rest and the weekend. So from now on I think I’ll try to upload the Thursday comic sometime in the evening hours, so as to let the Tuesday comic have about half of the spotlight.

And as for our sponsors, The Glass Urchin doesn’t really have any! But I have been looking into linking to webcomic lists and databases, please do suggest one if I haven’t already joined it. You can now find me on Frumph Net and Drunk Duck (although I don’t really understand how that site works). If you have time, please click on through to Frumph (and any links I post hereafter) to give me a boost in stats. Much obliged!

*Edit* Please also click on The Webcomic List or use the links at the bottom of the page to boost my rankings, if you’ve got a spare moment in your day!! The more you do, the more likely it is I’ll appear on an ad with that site. Thanks guys!

Extra Update This Week!!

Monday, September 15th, 2008

After much deliberating, I decided to throw in an extra update this week, on a topic I feel very strongly about. You can expect it on Wednesday, so I hope you will join me on that day and check out my comic. Within the upcoming weeks, expect some more extra comics, which will all follow a similar vein. It’s a “side story” of sorts – it’ll hopefully garner some attention from the people who need to pay attention… I hope.

Also between this week and next, expect some style changes as well. I’ve been working hard on improving my art, but I’ve suddenly become quite busy, taking on a new temp job and a new request for a comic anthology just last week and that, coupled with The Glass Urchin regular updates, an upcoming “extras” page, and my “side story,” have swamped me. I think I’ll be able to keep up with all these projects, wish me luck!

Hard at work

Monday, October 17th, 2011

So I’ve been hard at work guys, and I know I warned y’all previously, but it’s really been crunch time for me this whole past month. Been working really hard on design and modelling and animation stuff, will hopefully have something good to share at the end of the semester. But a heads up that comics may lag behind, hopefully not soon but it might be inevitable!

Oh and on a break from work I took one of those gif memes that have been floating around and this one I hope will be really accurate:
“The tenth is how you will spend your last day on earth”