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Guest Comic for Onezumi!

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

gasp!What’s Onezumi gasping about here? Find out in my guest comic to Onezumi!! This was based off a Twitter conversation from a while ago about the continued mis-pronunciation of her name (even though it’s written right on her shirt!).

Onezumi is a fun comic that used to be crazy and random, and is now crazy and random with a continuing plot and storyline. Where will the adventures of Onezumi, Harknell, and Ass Munkey take us in the depths of the Deathside?

Onezumi as a person is also crazy and random and a lot of fun. She’s a pillar in the webcomic community and is continuously supporting other webcomics, no matter how small, and encouraging people of all different art, style, and themes to join in. She’s been a real inspiration to me to make The Glass Urchin, and through her I met some other great webcomickers who are talented and supportive (The AFHS guys, Dern, and Jamie Baldwin to name a few). Her hubbie and webmaster Harknell makes, a neat resource of tutorials and extra plug-ins for the webcomic and art community to use. Please check Onezumi and Harknell out!

Fanart and Updates!

Friday, March 13th, 2009

So it seems I haven’t really updated this bloggish type area in a long while! Over a month (just a little!). Many apologies. Things have been going on and it’s crazy times.

What’s new in my life? I’ve been fostering a cute stray calico; experimenting with new kinds of art involving ink brushes, bristol paper, and tones (so check out updates to my art gallery); and last weekend I got to hang with webcomicker Ross of The System and some old and new friends all night long. I’ve generally been quite busy and between the kitty and Frey’s running wheel breaking down and squeaking all night, I’ve also had a huge lack of sleep. So if my comics have been terse or sparse, now you know why!

In other news, I apoligize for not sharing these great fanart-type pieces with you sooner! From Shade comes a beautiful xmas gift illustration (love the bristly painted look and texture!), from friend and previous co-worker Ray comes a piece on the other end of the spectrum with hard lines and tones that’s cute and simple, and from webcomicker Jhorsley of Y2CL comes a neat fanart drawn on the back of a comic page!! Thanks all! They’re freakin’ awesome!


New England Webcomics Weekend, Here We Come!

Friday, March 20th, 2009

You read that correctly! The two gals of Nerd Comics (yours truly and the wonderful bree) are going to Meredith Gran’s New England Webcomics Weekend. It was just so crazy we had to go, and we got lucky and were able to find a car in the nick of time (many thanks to Mom and little sis :P )! So we’ll be there, but unfortunately only on Saturday. It’ll be good times I’m sure, meeting up with good friends and making some new ones! If you’d like to meet, please get my contact information by e-mailing me! It’s auilix (at)! (By the by, woohoo! That’s me on the right. I don’t think I’ve posted a picture of me here yet. Don’t I look just like I do in the comic!? It’s uncanny!)

And some great upcoming events that are closer to home are rearing their head, this on by Onezumi: NJ Webcomic Chaos! You can be sure us Nerd gals will be there as well!

Also, hello to all the new people who have been coming to my site. I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy yourselves here!

MOCCA Fun Times #1

Monday, June 8th, 2009

So let me begin by saying MOCCA was hella awesome. Also hellishly hot! I’m surprised so many artists came and hung in there, as the building MOCCA was in was just boiling and full of dead, recycled air. Yet we all hung in there and managed to enjoy ourselves to boot! Hah! Take that, 69th Regiment Armory!

Anyway, because the whole weekend was so full of craziness and excitement, I’m going to have to split it up a bit! I’ll post a follow-up to this soon.

To give you some background, Bree and myself had been wanting to go and present at MOCCA forever (well… basically since when we first heard about it last year). We signed up promptly on the day registration opened, but we somehow became 16th on the waiting list. Then, three weeks ago, the MOCCA people alerted Bree that we’d actually successfully gotten the table! OMG (due to my own personal qualms with getting anything ready in two weeks, I had to back out from the original plan of taking half the table… I’m a super super slow artist)!! However, Bree really pulled through and in addition to her snarky bag (which got a lot of laughs at the fest), she pulled together two fun mini books in two weeks.

Onezumi was to appear at our table too, but at the last second backed out due to crazy and unfortunate unforeseen circumstances, she couldn’t make it. And then, at the very last second, who pulled out of the blue for us? Why it was Darren of Hello with Cheese/Dear Pirate/Experts Guide!! What an amazing chap! So as you can tell, MOCCA was already pretty crazy and it hadn’t even started.

After working our asses off (I made mini-books of GU, a pin set, and a greeting card set, I’ll post pics later), we decided to unwind the Friday night before the show by going to Hope Larson’s very fun Drink and Draw Like a Lady! Although the space and permanent red room lighting didn’t really allow for too much drawing, we had a lot of fun meeting all the ladies. Bree and I met some cool cats, including Kate Beaton (omg! her first time in NYC! I hope she enjoyed it!), Jess Fink (who had awesome earrings and oh… NSFW), Meredith Gran, among others. We also chatted with Randall Munroe (who was decidedly NOT supposed to be there, but who did a sketch-off with Bree) and Rosemary Mosco who is very talented and cool (and she should get back into the comics stuff!!).

We drank, drew (a little), socialized and were merry! And then we went to have two spoons of Chinese food. And then went home to sleep for the big day… Stay tuned for the next MOCCA entry!

MOCCA Fun Times #2

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Continuing onto… the actual day of MOCCA! Dum dum DUM! My first con with The Glass Urchin, and it could be said it was my first “real” con anyway. I packed up my stuff (which all fit into this tiny Amazon box anyway), and headed on my way! The Armory was quite empty when I arrived and met up with Bree and her boyfriend Colin. One look at the sparse wooden table and we knew…. Problem number 1! Tablecloth! Luckily, the con-knowledgeable Darren was there to save the day with his preparedness. He’d brought not one but two lovely tablecloths for us to use! At around 11, the fest was supposed to open, but we mostly just sat around twiddling our thumbs and wondering where the real MOCCAians were.

Turns out, due to some odd error on MOCCA’s part, they didn’t have the registers and so were unable to open the floor until 12:30! As a result, they extended the con hours until 7, which gave us an extra hour to boil in our shoes sell hot merchandise!

We got to meet some great people throughout the day, like Gary of Fleen who gave Bree and myself some invaluable tips on table setup and pricing (and also covered MOCCA much better than I could here and here). I stopped by Charles Snowe’s booth, he’s a nice fellow who has always supported GU, and he also introduced me to the Boston Comics people (later I bought Charles’ first book of Sordid City Blues and am enjoying it a lot! I always felt continuing comic stories work best on paper). It’s always cool to meet other comickers who you’ve talked to online in real life. We also met some children who enjoyed Bree’s twisted tale of the Trix Rabbit, a bevy of sweaty-handed nerds, and of course the obligatory friends to the rescue who came to support us. I even met a former coworker who admitted to me she didn’t very much like my stuff, and would be willing to buy it out of pity, if only I had something cheaper to offer! =_=

We also met a bunch of cool others who we talked or traded with: Sophie and Jen (who do the very cute and charming webcomic Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell); Dave (who does the very neat zombie story Dead Winter, not to be confused with our buddies from Baltimore who did the neat zombie story Dead of Summer); Alisa (who illustrates beautifully and has awesome business cards); Brian (who did a very cute mini book we traded for called Adamantly Amorous); L. (who traded for a very cool 24-hour comic book and does a webcomic called Jumbly Junkery); Miriam and Andrea (of the local (Yay!!) comic group Comics Queens); Branson (a very cool cat who has an awesome style; Meghan (who traded me a cute book, and who I bought Good Minnesotan from); Kate Beaton (who I bought the great Never Learn Anything From History from, and I got a cute Jane Austen pic too!); Shelli and Braden (who created/participated in the awesome Star Wars anthology I bought Don’t Forget the Droids); Spike (who does the great Templar Arizona and who is a very awesome person); and many others (let me know if I’ve forgotten to mention you here)!!

Picture courtesy of Gary of Fleen's camera!

Quotes for The Glass Urchin Book!

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

That’s right, I’m trying to put out a compilation book on all the pages, plus the entire New Brunswick Saga in completion, by this September. Can I do it? We shall have to see.

In the meantime, I’m looking for quotes. You know, the quotes you see on the back of the book or in the dust jacket of books. Like something related to how you feel about The Glass Urchin, things like “a spik├ęd tour de force” and other artsy things that you’re never really sure of what they mean, but they sound good and make you want to read more. Answer in the comments here if you have anything to input, and I might choose yours! I’ll probably select only a couple of quotes (planning on also putting a bit of a summary/introduction on the back), but any and all quotes are welcome! If you have a URL to your webcomic, put that as well. If you don’t have a webcomic or company, you could always make up something up! Negative comments, if you want to be a big meanie, are welcome too.

You might see your quote on the very first book of The Glass Urchin!!!

Feedback on The New Brunswick Saga

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Hey guys, so now we’re about halfway through the New Brunswick Saga. Yes, newbrunsmelthalfway through! Now that we’re at this spot, I’d like to get some feedback from you, the reader. What do you think of my first continuing storyline, the New Brunswick Saga? Love it? Hate it? Mildly have no opinion on it either way? Let me know in this poll, or write feedback in the comments (or both!). I’d love to hear your thoughts on this story type setting versus my old gag-a-day format. Vote away!

What do you think of the New Brunswick Saga?

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Interviewed by 515 Comics

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Thom of 515 Comics interviewed me! Wow, I was really nervous about my first interview, but Thom was really awesome and seemed to know his stuff. We talked about the comic, the current saga, my life (which is uhh… the comic :P ), my inspiration and the new Glass Urchin book that’ll be coming out soon. You can check out the interview here! Also, be sure to check out all his other interviews here, he’s interviewed Bree and Foley of the NERD crew as well! Thanks Thom!

Wild Pig Recap

Monday, May 17th, 2010

The first Wild Pig Con is in the bag! It was a little difficult to make sales there, given there was a HUGE 50% off sale (on all new graphic novels, books, etc. seriously) going on right in front of our tables, but it was still a great deal of fun!

Firstly I shared a table with Claire this time, and it was fun! I think we dorked out quite a bit. Out neighbor was the great Dern! who I haven’t seen since SPX, but who is always fun to table with/near. I also played my first actual battles with an actual person in my Soul Silver with him. Yay! I tried continuing down the row to meet and socialize with some others, who mainly seemed to be webcomickers. I met Joe and Phil who are (I didn’t know this) both sorta local guys! They were selling their wares but also were participating in the Wild Pig Super Art Fight! More on that later… Moving along, I met Brian of Bellen!, who I talked to about quitting your job, taking classes, and living in Jersey City. He currently lives in Philly but lived in Jersey City for five years! Nice! The next table over had our friends Kevin and Blondie, who do Caf-fiends! They’re talking me into showing up at Connecticon, it’s supposed to be THE webcomics show, so at the very least us NERDs might be able to visit for a day! Then a table over held Caldwell of Loldwell, who had to brave the NJ Transit bus system to get to Wild Pig! Then Jamie Hatton, the dude who introduced us all to this, of In His Likeness was tabling next. He has two neat compilation books out now! After Jamie, the Systemic Rosscott had some hip shirts and other merch for sale. Rounding the corner was the Super Art Fight table with our friends Nick and Marty. And I didn’t make it to the other tables after that (and thank goodness, because this was enough recap for one post!).

Some other cool people who stopped by our table includes: Bernie from Alien Loves Predator, Valerie from Friends of Lulu, and Gary of Fleen! It was great to see and/or meet you! ;P

The Super Art Fight was the first one I’ve been to, but has been going on for a while now. I loved it! It was very excitingin and I’m surprised at what quality work these artists can do from a standing position, with a crowd staring/yelling, with two sharpies and poster board in 30 minutes. It was great stuff and I hope to be at the next Super Art Fight event to cheer everyone on!

Many thanks to the gracious hosts of Wild Pig Con who were a lot more accommodating and organized than most other cons I’ve been to. You guys are awesome!

Guest Comic up on Mysterious Ways, Inc!

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

I did a guest comic for Bree’s newer comic projects Mysterious Ways, Inc., and you can check it out here! If you haven’t been following MWI, it’s a neat take on the deities we all know and love – it’s still finding its footing but there’s a good archive up so please check it out! It’s fun to draw people sometimes… Sometimes I think I get a little carried away because they show up so rarely in my own comic! I had fun drawing Bree’s Gaia character – I like her old school design! Please do read through the archives of MWI when you get there as it’s a fun and quick read. I hope to see more Gaia soon too!

I also forgot to post this but I did another guest comic (involving people too! …but also cute fluffy animals) for a fellow New Jerseyan and Rutgers alum who does the long-running webcomic and print comic Happy Hour! Jim was celebrating his 1000th comic! Wow! Glass Urchin still has a long way to go. But you can see the comic I did for him here! Please check it out if you have time!